Welcome to my new website! Posted on December 16th, 2015

I'm very excited to announce a significant upgrade to my website.  After all, my previous website was built by myself - and I'm not even web developer!   One of the main new features of my website will be in the portfolio section - with the ability to quickly sort through my images and even filter them down to specific categories.  I spent a couple of years now with several false starts (with WordPress etc.) and they just did not seem to do what I wanted.   So before checking out the portfolio, I'll tell you a bit on how it works.

Sorting Image Dimensions (see image below):
The first thing you will notice after clicking on the Portfolio menu item is that there are four circles with letters in them at the top:  A, B, C and D.  Each letter represents the dimension of the images that will be displayed.  So "Size A" for example are the long thing images that are approximately a 4:1 ratio.  If you want to see all the images that are Size B, or 2:1 ratio in dimensions, click on "B" and so forth.  

Filtering Image Selections (see image below):
Next, you will see an arrow pointing to the right on the left hand side of the images - click on that - and you will se a filter menu pop out.  If you only want to see images in British Columbia, click on Locations>Canada>British Columbia and instantly, only images that are in BC will be shown.  I've also added categories, so if you only want to see cityscapes - that quickly sorts those out as well.  Finally, collections are a custom set of images to which I can instantly create.  So if you had a set of images you wanted to see that is not listed there, you could contact me and I could quickly add one for you to see.  This is great especially if you are a prospective client and want to see a specific range of images for a project.  

Also new on my website of course is this Blog - I've never done a blog before, so don't expect for me to update it daily - I will probably use it for announcements and post-event write-ups.  I'm sure it will evolve!  

Things to come:
This is only phase 1 of my new website, so there will be a lot more coming including online shopping cart for purchasing prints.   

PS: if you see any issues, problems or bugs...  please feel free to let me know :).

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