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Fine art for your abode

Ready for stunning piece of home art? A panoramic view of nature or a cityscape you’ll appreciate for years? Or to create a memory of a place you love? Pick from my collection. Know nothing will look blurry or pixelated—no matter how big the print. And, it will arrive to your door in perfect condition—guaranteed.

Not sure what would look best in your home? Including the right size? Let’s talk.

Digital licensing for your business

Clients & staff appreciate great art too. Enhance your brand with a large installation of any piece in my collection. Imagine a wall mural crystal clear—no matter how close up. Installations for… Offices ∙ Airports ∙ Buses ∙ Billboards ∙ Walls ∙ Tourist agencies ∙ In-or-out-doors ∙ Trade shows ∙ Elevators ∙ you name it. I’ll work with your installers to ensure all the right file sizes & formats.

Want expert help selecting the right piece & size for your space? See my process.

“Chris’ approach to photographing Vancouver’s familiar architecture reveals a unique perspective. These meticulously detailed images turn our common views into monumental scenes.”

~ Art Rental and Sales, Operated by the Vancouver Art Gallery

It’s no secret that Collacott is one of Western Canada’s best landscape photographers, and has been one of Vancity Buzz’s long-running favorite and most-featured.

~ Vancity Buzz

​​“A workplace that I’m looking forward to getting back to in January. Beautiful.”

~ Diego Rodriguez, Arizona Representative, after seeing the Grand Canyon mural in the Arizona House of Representatives

​​“It just gives the air of gravitas and majesty.”

~ Jennifer Longdon, Arizona Representative, member of project to bring Chris’ Grand Canyon mural to the state house.

Ultra-High Resolution

—The Why & How

For wide scenes, most photographers use a wide angle lens. They take a single shot. Not me. I use a telephoto lens to take loads of photos of the entire scene—from 50 to 100, sometimes up to 500 shots. Then stitch them together into a single, super high-resolution image.

It’s like this… A single photo on a 50-megapixel camera results in a 50-megapixels image. Makes sense, right? But a hundred shots of 50 megapixels each? Now you’re talking an image of nearly 2000 megapixels! Which makes even more sense. Right?

Check out the image below for a single-shot photo (figure 1). See how pixelated & blurry it is when blown up for large print? But not your images. Your piece will look sharp & detailed—no matter how close you zoom in with your eyeballs (figure 2). Even for giant wall murals.

Your friends will gawk when viewing your crystal clear panoramic piece. Your customers will be impressed with a large image when entering your office. Your audience will see the boldness in your brand when gazing at your wall mural.

Looking for a large, digital installation?

Here’s the (simple) process for working together…

Schedule a Call

We’ll talk on the phone. I’ll learn about your needs & space, and about your installers too. Or even suggest some.

Recommend a Solution

I’ll take what I heard to create & present you with a proposal. Get a great look & feel for your commercial installation.

Make Installation a Breeze

I’ll work directly with your installers to ensure right fit & format. They’ll do their thing with no glitches, no hassles.

Wow Everyone

Enjoy how much your people will enjoy your beautiful scenes. You’ll see. And so will everyone else.

Chris Collacott

Photographer & Founder of Avision Photography

About Chris

I always loved the outdoors…

…and how to technically capture the beauty to make it as if I was still there. I created this business to make others feel the same.

Here’s one… “Chris, I feel like I’m standing on the edge of the Grand Canyon, and could walk right in.”

This can’t be done with a single photo. But it can with up to 500 shots. The closer you get to your large prints, the closer you’ll feel to, and connect with nature.

For perspective, 4K TV’s, right? Well, imagine 50,000K resolution for your prints. Try getting that on YouTube. Your large print isn’t just a picture on the wall, but a mental gateway to actually being there.

Expert & sole focus on high-resolution for fine art & large commercial installations

70+ photography awards including…

Fine Art Photographer Of The Year, Master Photographers International, 2016

Sold over 10,000 prints

Don’t gamble with your art, whether

for home or office.

“I don’t want ‘ordinary.’ Don’t want to see ‘fuzzy’ when viewing up close. And I don’t want to go through an installation process that requires a ‘redo.’ I want a beautiful scene that will impress people. And that will look more clear than any art I’ve seen before.”

Excellent. That’s exactly what I’ll do —and what you’ll get.

Contact me. I’ll get back to you right away to schedule a call
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